Not unlike the multi-perspectival effect of Cubist paintings, a calligramme meshes image and text together into a self-reflexive object. Finding delight in the simultaneity of the medium, M. Apollinaire and Mme. AFFALÉ adopted the calligramme as their primary means of correspondence. A handful were salvaged upon Mme. AFFALÉ’s death in 1956, and have been made available for sale to the public.


From the desks of Mme. AFFALÉ & M. Apollinaire Delivered in either a tasseled or wax-sealed envelope
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We are creating in the most sustainable, ethical, and transparent way possible: each design is made-to-order, after you purchase it, just for you. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to be shipped.


An AFFALÉ garment makes the perfect statement gift. Indicated at checkout, all gifts include a priceless invoice and exchange voucher. Gift wrap and a custom, handwritten note are available for an additional charge.


An AFFALÉ garment can be made at double-cost in a Midjourney prompt of your choosing, as well as from any existing AFFALÉ pattern swatch. To order, click here to submit a request.